Our hotel offered a lovely view over Jaisalmer. And I saw the most romantic sunsets I’ve had in days. Well… except for Udaipur. They just painted the whole city in this warm orange light that you almost felt like in some cheesy romantic movie. The only thing missing was someone to snuggle with, really. Romance just doesn’t work with just a book on your lap. But eh, it still was pretty close to perfect.

There was this kite-festival going on while we were there. And of course, we decided, we had to participate. How difficult could it be to fly a bloody kite. The truth is… very, very difficult. But at least we entertained a lot of kids who watched us fail horribly. At one point everyone started to shout tips and tricks at us how we might get that stupid thing up in the air.
In the end we managed two times to get a kite up and running. Tim even got high enough to attract some nasty native that did some professional kite-fighting and cut Tims kite lose. But hey, that means we were serious competition.

And we had a lot of fun. But the run was over and slowly, people started to part ways. Yves left us early in the morning because he wanted to see the south of India, Michele went to Jodhpur and Ben and Tim followed along because it fit their traveling plans. I didn’t feel like going back to noisy Jodhpur already. So I stayed.
There was a nice offer for an overnight Safari I wanted to take. It turned out to be quite a lonely experience. I had the bad luck to got stuck with three groups from different countries but all of them native Spanish speakers with very poor English… yeah… well… the view was still worth it. Though I was quite happy about the fact, that Adam was staying in the same hotel as I did, to cure his legs, so I had someone to talk to, when I got back from the safari. But seriously. If you get the chance, take one of those offers, I’ve never seen that many stars!

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