Long story short. The closer we got to Mumbai, the less I liked the trip. The view was boring, the smell was horrible and the people around us started to get more and more stressed and dull. No smiling and waving schoolkids anymore.
I really started to miss Kerala and its woods and smiling people.

But that wasn’t our only problem We started to run low on fuel but in the outskirts of Mumbai you didn’t get any fuel in a can. Safety measures because of some terrorist attack some years before. Well… great. Luckily we had Mimi. She’s blonde, she’s cute and she can smile the hell out of any grumpy Indian on a gas station. And suddenly, we got our can filled and could proceed with our adventures.

As westerners you face different problems. For one, some hotels just don’t want to give you a room. We’re not quite sure, why. Maybe they think we won’t be happy with their standards, or they think we’ll so badly misbehave that they’d lose other customers… whatever the reason might be, we had a hard time to find a room in Nasvari. Not until some nice lady stepped in for us, took us to the first hotel that sent us away and started arguing with the guy at the reception until he finally admitted that they, in fact, still had some rooms available.

It was a basic room but nice and clean. We were quite happy with it. We headed out for dinner and decided to get some street-food as a starter. We sat on a stair happily munching on our deep-fried food when a woman approached us. Pointing on the food we had laid out on a newspaper and talking in rapid hindi, shaking her head and then walking away.
We were confused. She walked into a little store and came back out some seconds later, shoving some cardboard plates in our faces. “Better!” she said, smiled and walked back to her shop.

Between Nasvari and Amedabad, the Gentlemen catched up with us. Which still impresses me a lot. They were about one day behind us at the beginning of that day. I still call it black magic! But they were eager to meet us because we had a decent first aid kit and Adams legs really looked like Hannibal Lecter tried to skin him alive.

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