After we had left the hills and woods of Goa I liked our surroundings less and less. I think I’m just more of a wood and hills person and of course I missed the beach. Until I got to India I haven’t been at a proper beach for about ten years. So yeah… where Australians go crazy about firework, I go crazy about the ocean.

But then we hit Udaipur. Together with a bunch of other runners and we spent a quite exciting night on a beautiful rooftop. Udaipur is like a dream. The sunset made it look like Agrabah from Aladdin. It was magical. I wish I could have spent more time in this beautiful city… but then… now I have a reason to go back to India and visit it again.

We planned to stay in Jodhpur for one day and visit the Fort. It’s a beautiful museum. Very well preserved, with guides and everything. Though we decided to walk through on our own and just reading the plates. It was still an informative experience.

I’m not sure if it was because our journey slowly came to an end or because they put something in our food, but on our way to Jodhpur Yves and I spent an alarming amount of time trying to stay calm while Mimi was driving. I mean, how would you feel if your driver suddenly decided that chasing giggling schoolkids in a rickshaw with you in the back is a good idea? I mean, she had fun, the schoolkids had fun… and after it was over Yves and I decided that we had kind of fun…

It felt kind of weird, when we left our Tuktuk in front of the Palace and returned the keys. And even though the party was amazing… and left you enough room to flee the music to actually have a talk, it was kind of sad. I mean… it felt like it only just started and now it was over again. And God knows if I’ll ever see any of those crazy bastards again.
It was around one in the morning when I decided to walk back to my Hotel. In hindsight probably not the brightest idea I had on this vacation. Walking back, alone, in the middle of the night… really Marina?

But there was barely anyone around except for aggressive dogs. But at the entrance of the old town of Jaisalmer there was this calf, staring at me. I went past it and it just turned around and started following me. Patiently it waited every time I got lost and had to turn around, just silently following me. Bumping me with its head from time to time. And whenever one of those rabid dogs came barfing and snarling at me, it would just nervously stomp its tiny hooves and stare at the dog, until the dog would start whining and backing away from us. It almost followed me up the stairs to my hotel. So apparently my guardian angel is a cow… I guess I can live with that.

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